De citit

6 07 2010

Umor, droguri si piete financiare. Inceputul crizei, povestit de un broker narcoman. Nu se mai gaseste la Diverta Plaza, Unirea si Vitan (am luat-o eu pe ultima). Incercati in alte parti.

I was talking to my trader, Tony, when we both overheard the analyst on the banks sector getting into some kind of contretemps with his own trader. God knows what it was about but it ended with the analyst posing the valid, but not necessarily very polite, question: ‘Anyway, Daryl, why are you such a fat bastard?’ Daryl slowly swung round in his chair and, with perfect comic timing, delivered the only possible response under the circumstances: ‘Because every time I fuck your wife she gives me a biscuit.’




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