15 04 2009

Rachad El Jisr: Hi
Rachad El Jisr: I just want to let you know that unfortunately, my mother got to that blog… and it is very unpleasant. So, if u can help in any way to resolve this issue, I would be grateful.
eu: I am a decent person. So, just issue an apology for the way you handled the business to your current and former employees, remove my personal address, that I never enlisted, from the BizCampus spam list and I can make that blog disappear. I will do that out of respect for your mother

Rezultatul? O tacere care face toti banii.



One response

16 07 2011

BRAVO!!!!! Intradevar cineva cu COJONES care sa scrie negru pe alb despre “rachad” (intentionat cu litera mica, nu merita LITERA MARE). Crede-ma ca nu numai angajatii sunt nemultumiti de acest…. mo (intentionat). Fa un research pe tema “Cate angajate au trecut prin “caietelul” lui ….” ca nici nu-mi vine sa-i mai scriu numele… Imi pare foarte rau ca abia acum ajung sa citesc acest blog, dar chiar si acum dupa 2 ani ZIC: FOARTE TARE!!!

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