Light Goes Green, Weird Driver Does Not Honk

7 02 2009

A driver waiting at a traffic light did not honk for a full five seconds once the light turned green and the car in front did not move, thus getting into a whole lot of trouble, witnesses to the strange event told reporters late on Saturday.

“He was standing in his car, with a hand on the wheel and the other on the stick, just… waiting. The weird part is that he didn’t at least curse,or threateningly lift a craw-bar out the window”, a confused pedestrian who just happened to be in the middle of the road said.

People around the crossroad declared that the driver was not getting a head, or even talking on the cellphone, thus not being distracted in any way to justify his puzzling action.

“I was first in line at the stop and he was right behind me. I did not see the light go green and he did nothing. The fucking weirdo was just standing there, in his car, waiting. I totally lost it. I had to get out of the car and teach him a lesson”, an overweight under-brained van driver said.

Police officials declined to comment on the incident, but mentioned that an investigation targeted at the ‘silent driver’ started, with psychiatric controls on the way.




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