23 august

23 08 2007

Sa rememoram un pic vremurile. Cititi textul de mai jos, scris acum mai mult de 30 de ani. Taiati Ceausescu si inlocuiti cu ce nume vreti de pe scena politica din prezent. E, cum e cu progresele alea ca natiune? Cum care? Adica au trecut atatia ani degeaba? Hmmm..

Time Magazine, Vol. 87, No. 11, March 18, 1966:

„Clad in knee-high black boots, a grey wool lumber jacket, well-worn brown corduroys and a visored cap, Ceausescu moved out through the waterlogged countryside, past peasants in dripping sheepskins and gaggles of screeching schoolgirls, past hat-waving horsemen who offered gifts of bread and salt, past thatch-roofed villages painted sky blue and sienna, past, gargantuan collective farms and gleaming new factories. Geese hissed, dogs barked, and Ceausescu listened to gripes. Sometimes speaking from a stack of concrete blocks, sometimes from the back of a wagon, he pressed home again and again message more familiar to Western audiences than to Communists: “We are moving now; we want your help in building a better Rumania.”




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